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Semi Permanent Eyebrows is a great procedure for people who have tweezed and waxed their eyebrows for years, and ruined them.  It is also very good for people who aren’t the best at applying makeup and creating the perfect brows.

With this technique, the pigment is matched to your hair colour and your ideal shape is essentially tattooed on to your natural brows in order to fill them out.

You can have a natural look or bolder shaded brows.

Eyebrows will fade in the weeks after the treatment (which can be terrifying!) however, you get booked in for a top up 4 weeks later where your brows are re-tattooed. This is to ensure they are not applied too dark in the first treatment.

Procedure duration: 3 hours including consultation & time for anesthetic

Top up: Included with this procedure – 4 weeks after first.